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sam + Kristina klos

Where should I start? Sam and I met while working at a local deli and bakery in the city where we grew up. Crossing paths once in high school but never meeting until my first day on the job in 2004. Here we are 15 years later; married, parents and living the dream as entrepreneurs.

Sam studied Video Production and Photography. I studied Graphic Design and Marketing. In 2005 we started our first business Captured 4 Life, specializing in Sports Photography & Videography. We really compliment each other in more ways than one. He's the creative mastermind behind the camera and computer screen and I'm the strategic, organized artist. 

Why Wedding Films?

Wedding days are all about the couple and their families. We love capturing all the emotions of the day, not only from the Bride and Groom but their friends and family as well.

For us personally our wedding day was a giant roller coaster of emotions. At the time leading up to our wedding day, my mother was fighting stage 4 lung cancer. We weren't sure if she was going to make it to the wedding which was 6 months away. I was the last of the boys to get married. Being a Momma's boy, I wanted to be able to have her there to give me away and have our Mother/Son dance to A Song for Momma by Boyz II Men. Finally wedding day came but her body was so weak she could barely walk and had to be in a wheel chair. I escorted her down in her wheel chair to start the ceremony and at the end of it she said she wanted to walk out with us and she did. While at the reception we joked around that I could spin her around in her wheel chair for our dance but she said that she knew how much it meant to me and would try her best. Once our song started to play she stood up and said "I will stand as long as I can for you". About half way through the song couldn't stand any longer and had to sit back down. She stayed to watch our choreographed first dance and then slow danced with my Father to their wedding song. Shortly after that she had to call it a night and head home early. For the remaining of the evening we enjoyed dancing, drinking, some drunken hand stand challenges, laughing and a lot more dancing with our family and friends.

Unfortunately, she ended up passing away a couple of months after our wedding. There has been countless amount of times when we have put on our Wedding Film just to see and hear her voice on one of the happiest days of our lives. Despite the storm we were going through as a family. We are very thankful she was there and still to this day at every wedding during Mother/Son dance I have flashbacks to our dance.

Every couples Wedding Story is different and unique in its own way. It is our goal to showcase their story into a Wedding Film that will be cherished for the rest of their lives and to be passed on to their future generations.

Don't let your wedding day be a story left untold.